Challenging. Creative. Collaborative. Collegial. Committed.

Riverbed brings the promise of digital transformation to life because we make it all work better – applications, websites, networks, data centers, branch and remote offices

Riverbed is a storied company with a 14-year legacy of success and market leadership. Today, we’re at the center of what’s going on in the software industry, including hybrid and software-defined networking, SD-WAN, cloud and mobile applications, big data, and application and network visibility.

Best of all, as a private company now we’re like a billion-dollar start-up, successfully pivoting to meet the software-defined age head on as the leading infrastructure provider, and moving upward with momentum to new levels of revenue and profit growth.

Riverbed is a great place to work and this is a great time to be here.


The most rewarding perk at Riverbed is being able to come into the office every day and work with people I’m genuinely excited to be around.
The work hard, play hard mentality at Riverbed creates the perfect work life balance.
I get to learn something new every day and work with amazing, brilliant people - not to mention free coffee around the clock!
The trust and flexibility seen at Riverbed truly shows the investment in the development and lives of their employees.
The best part about working at Riverbed is the people. Being surrounded by such hard working employees in a fun and supportive environment creates the ultimate workplace culture.
The trust between employees and schedule flexibility at Riverbed offers the perfect work life balance.
The employees here at Riverbed are awesome. It is exciting to come into work every day and be surrounded by people who make work fun.
Riverbed is a unique and ideal workplace because it is an enterprise sized company that offers a startup feel.
careers - life at riverbed
careers - life at riverbed
careers - life at riverbed
careers - life at riverbed
careers - life at riverbed
careers - life at riverbed
careers - life at riverbed
careers - life at riverbed

A Special Culture to Help You Realize Your Potential

We've built a culture that helps employees realize their professional goals. Our values are important to our people and our clients. Here's what we believe:

Work Environment

We work in challenging team environments where we can make a real impact on the digital transformation. The way we do business – from a flat management structure to open-seating policies – contributes to the success of our employees and our company.


We're committed to supporting a global workforce of very smart people who come together to achieve team goals. We value diversity of ideas and skills throughout our organization, and believe everyone can make a difference – from day one.


Riverbed is a diverse community of dedicated and highly talented professionals. Our inclusive and open workplace encourages everyone to share their unique contributions. Diversity is fundamental to our business and one of our greatest strengths. We rely on our employees' backgrounds and beliefs to spur creativity, enhance problem solving, and help us succeed in the global marketplace.

The Time is Now

Our fan base is growing, our foundation is stable and our innovations are transforming how the world works—which means the future holds tremendous upside for you.

Join us and help shape the software-defined age.


Sales Careers

Sales career opportunities that enable you to make an impact