Come visit our San Francisco Headquarters for an insightful strategy session with Riverbed executives and subject-matter experts

The Riverbed Executive Briefing Center, at our San Francisco Headquarters, is the best way for our customers to get to know Riverbed and our products, and how we can help you achieve your goals.

When you visit our Executive Briefing Center, you will experience a customized briefing, personalized to suit your company’s needs. With an EBC at Riverbed, your company will collaborate with Riverbed executives and experts to create effective solutions and innovative strategies.



During an EBC at Riverbed, you will receive informative presentations by Riverbed executives and experts selected to help you find solutions to your problems. Coupled with in depth, white boarding sessions, you can get to know Riverbed and what our products can do for you.

Unique Experiences and Solutions

Your briefing will be tailored to your company, resulting in a completely unique experience. Everything from the speakers to the schedule will be carefully chosen and created to suit the needs of your company.

You will be a part of an insightful discussion around your company’s unique goals and challenges. Through exchanges of ideas and thoughts, our EBC team will work with you to create customized solutions that effectively address your needs. Our EBC team will take into consideration your goals and what you want to achieve in order to create the best strategy for helping your company achieve success.


Many of Riverbed’s EBCs are held at our San Francisco Headquarters. Riverbed’s EBC team also travels to other parts of the world in order to make the benefits of an EBC more readily accessible to other companies. While the San Francisco location is the only Riverbed office that hosts EBCs, on-the-road EBCs are held in other off-site venues.